People and Innovation

People may have a lot of considerations to deal with, but one thing’s for sure. There’s a common denominator in a cluster of diversity. There will always be one thing that ties altogether up.

People value innovation.

08:10PM. I’m solitarily perching myself in a coffee shop waiting for my dinner to be served, unintentionally eavesdropping a group of professionals (age: 30s-40s) from a corner. From the look or hear of it, they seem to be planning for a bazaar or an event of some sort. I hear this unruffled lady leading the group (at about 15 pax) with direct assertion about the planning. I appreciate her prowess. As they are discussing, anyone would know that most of them are already established in their own field of interest.

In retrospect, with all the planning that they are into, they still end up with the question of innovation. It is, without a doubt, a need.

Segue: I would want to be like them when I grow up. *insert a quick smirk here*


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