Expecting the Unexpected

Sometimes we get to expect much from a person without even evaluating his or her capability to get things going. Each of us has strengths. Key strengths, to be precise. If we won’t assess them early on, we might end up having false expectations which may lead to miscommunication. And this is a serious matter.

Don’t expect something from a person who has not had the chance to get into the expectation. Or who doesn’t have the capacity to pull off that expectation at all.

Even in Marketing. As I was browsing through a website of an internationally renowned advertising agency, I noticed that marketing in itself has a cluster of specializations.

Branding, design, direct marketing, entertainment, events and sports marketing, field marketing, multicultural marketing, non-profit marketing or cause related marketing, promotional marketing, marketing communications, market researching, retail marketing, wireless marketing. And the list goes on.

Having all these being listed, I deliberately opted to evaluate myself. Truthfully, I still don’t know my key strengths in this field. I think they are yet to be discovered. (Man, I need a mentor!) I realized that I only have a raw idea of marketing, and I need someone who could relentlessly refine it into pure gold.

I believe that this new perspective will cause a significant difference in the upcoming season of my life. Just excited.


What do you think?

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