Expectations. Mentors. Suits.

People expect because, essentially, they believe that the person-expected can do it. Sometimes it’s easy. Most of the time, it’s hard. The harder the expectation gets, the better we become. Similar to a rubber band that’s stretched up to its maximum elasticity, we expand our horizons and broaden our perspectives.

It’s actually healthy. You might even end up ennobled.

However, this should be kept in mind:

You can’t expect something from a person who can’t expect the same thing from you.

Worse goes when you expect something from a person who doesn’t even have the capacity to conform with the expectation. Now, this is unhealthy. This can even be the common root of misunderstanding or miscommunication.

I have been watching Suits for the past few days and I really acquired a mass load of learnings from this sharp and smart television series. Look sharp, live smart.

One of which is the value of a mentor. I keenly appreciate how it has been exemplified in the TV series. Harvey, the mentor, expects a lot from Mike, the protégé. But in the end, Harvey still values their relationship over work, unbeknownst to Mike. He believes in the person no matter what. I’m still in my third episode of season two and I’m more than excited to bring this to a touchdown. Well, it’s not really finished, but at least I’m going to be right on track.


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