Question: Music

When I was commuting my way to the office, I always pay attention to the people around. I’m not being cynical or nosey. Maybe I just don’t have any choice at all.

Early this morning, while at the jeep, I incidentally noticed a young lad who was just sitting around the corner. He’s about 5’8″ in height and lightweight. Dark-skinned with his hair propped up. Perching his bag on his lap, he was holding his colorful handkerchief on his left and his cellphone on his right. He was listening to some music (apparently, me too). At first, I thought the music came from the jeep that we were on. And suddenly, I realized that it was from his phone.

Since my travel period runs at about 20-30 mins., I can’t fail to notice his playlist.

Now Playing: Party Rock Anthem, Alternative Music, Party Music

In retrospect, I had a quick thought in mind. It’s a question, actually.

Does your music define who you are?

What do you think?

Well, I guess it’s also bothering to listen to your music without any pair of earphones on. It’s both weird and uncool. Just saying.


What do you think?

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