All in a Work’s Jaunt: Baganga, Davao Oriental

Humbling and gratifying, both at the same time.

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet new people in a new place, situated at the northeast oriental part of Mindanao. Being the forefront of the Pacific Ocean gives you a trivial avocation that the municipality of Baganga is truly blessed with seafood resources and whatnot. The road’s concretely laid out in a clean slate. The people are so kind. They even managed to tour us around the area’s tourism spots.

Together with my office mate, we headed our way to Baganga, Davao Oriental at around 3:00 in the morning of July 21. Our primary objective was to conduct a publication seminar that would hopefully create a significant impact to the lives of the students in three converging schools: St. Mary’s College of Baganga, Maryknoll School of Lambajon, and Baganga National High School.

We arrived in the school at around 9:30 am. The seminar was supposed to commence at 9:00 am but due to transit difficulties, we were able to start at 10:00 am. The school was so hospitable enough not to allow us to start without gobbling down some sustenance for the day’s activity.

As soon as we were all set, we joined the crowd of about a hundred students (high school and college). Kicking off with the invocation followed by the national anthem, we began our publication/journalism seminar.

Program Flow:
I. Basics in Communication
II. News Writing
III. Feature Writing
IV. Headline Writing
V. Layout and Graphic Design
VI. Photojournalism

Actively participating in every discussion, the students never failed to amuse me. They were very attentive and respectful. I hope they learned a lot as how they also taught me a lot about the journalism craft with their fascinating insights regarding the matter on hand.


The seminar ended about an hour earlier so we decided to end with an open forum. Questions were thrown like madness especially when they knew that I was giving out company notebooks as rewards. Soon after, even though there were no collateral materials left, they still insisted to ask relevant questions that stirred the atmosphere. Deeply appreciated.

It’s also so interesting how it is possible that in every place that I conduct a seminar, similar remarks spring up. People think that I look like somebody that they used to know (not that “somebody”, if you know what I mean). In that day, they faced me off with one of the participants.

After the seminar, the coordinating administrator, Sister Gloria, toured us around the place. I’m just so thankful with their effort to join our quick jaunt.



Thank you, Baganga, for the warm welcome. I hope to see you wherever and whenever. Always be excellent and reflect the glory of your Creator. Learn, explore and live life. Know who you are and with that, you will know what you can do. Again, thank you and God bless!



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