What Most People Lack

Getting used to what you do is actually a good thing. It gives you a clear understanding that you’re already on the verge of mastering something. It may be writing, blogging, copywriting, speaking, marketing, selling, promoting, teaching, designing, or web developing.

Similar to playing a six-stringed instrument. At first, it would be uncontrollably painful. A friend once told me that it would, more or less, take four layers of finger callous to get the hang of it. As soon as you’re getting used to it, you are now leveling up.

It is now your initiative whether you want to stretch yourself a little further.

If you get used to doing a lot of things, you may attempt to label yourself as a jack of all trades and master of none. But in reality, you are who you think you are. Instead of labeling, try asking yourself this time. There may be a missing element that would break that cerebral complacency––focus.


What do you think?

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