Irresistible Force vs. Immovable Object

Most of the time, we do things out of our own effort. We strive rather than thrive, and embroil ourselves with all possible undertaking. If we remain in that state, we will definitely end up groggy and all stressed out. And that’s not the best way to commit suicide.

What happens to the irresistible force when it meets the immovable object?

This paradoxical question was posed by Ultra-Sphinx, a DC Comics character in the animated film All-Star Superman, to Superman himself. Knowing that he––whether people like it or not––is the most formidable and powerful superhero in the DC Universe, he simply responded,

It surrenders.

Even the best knows his limitation. (You will be able to determine his nifty prowess in two of his animated movies: Superman vs The Elite and All-Star Superman.)

He even has his team of valiant superheroes who never cease to strike justice, well, the American way.

Similarly, when we do things our own way, we become that irresistible force. When things get from tough to tougher, eventually, we will surely encounter that immovable object. If we fervently press on with all vigor, we might find ourselves in a corner slashing our wrists with a broken glass, eyes painted with a black eyeliner.

To surrender is not a weakness. To quit is. The simple disparity is the thin line of humility.


What do you think?

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