The Pursuit of Photography

I always wanted to be a photographer.

I want to capture detailed features of life’s beauty. I want to preserve memories that are yet to be extinct. I want to encapsulate every moment, no matter how superficial it represents. I want to break clichés and social stigmas that continue to plague the cerebral paradigm.

In simple terms, I want to remember.

Having the adaptability strength as my top theme, it is somehow difficult to just remember things. When a friend would ask me what I did last summer, I couldn’t respond in a snap. It would take a few oblivious moments in order to just stir up my cauldron of thoughts.


Taking pictures gives me the opportunity to appreciate life even more. It could even exemplify the old aphorism, “Live life to the fullest.”

What hinders me to pursue this desire is the lack of tool.

This is what I’m talking about. I really want to own a vintage designed digital camera. This (above) can be an absolute stepping stone for this… (Similar to owning a Suzuki Swift in pursuit of, eventually, owning a Mini Cooper)


What do you think?

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