Being Early and Productive

It was early in the morning. I was early for work. On my way.

Usually when we are early for something, we tend to get lax. Or relax, simply put. We tend to drag our way in any way because we know that we won’t get late anyway. Early.

What does it mean to be early? A friend once mentioned that when you’re on time, you’re late. Being early, in this context, means getting yourself to your point of destination earlier than the given time. Of course, it’s easily understood.

Here’s my point. We get too clouded with what we think of ourselves like how late we may get, or how early we may be. Most of the time, we forget about the opposite end beyond the chasm. We forget about the people who may be affected when we’re late.

Or miss out the point or opportunity of being earlier than early.

If it’s a corporate meeting, you might be able to come across with significant people who could help you out with your problems on hand. If it’s a date, being early would connote your eagerness or desire for him or her. If it’s a high school reunion, your friends would definitely appreciate the value that you have invested for the indelible occasion.

When you’re early, it can mean two things: (1) You are interested (2) or your alarm is broken.


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