The Inevitable Trends

This epiphany occurred to me after watching Rock of Ages––that was probably, two months ago. In the late 80’s era, the pop culture of boy bands and rhythm and blues artists slowly creeps to emerge. There was this one scene in the movie wherein two of the protagonists exchanged their thoughts on their real score.

Background check: Both used to be a sweet couple. Used to be. The momentary crossroad of their destiny was triggered by the rockstar, Stacey Jaxx. As time went by, the woman (Sherrie) became a stripper in a bar while the man (Drew) transitioned from being a rockstar to becoming part of a boy band crew.

Sherrie: I’m a stripper at the Venus Club!
Drew: I’m in a boy band!
Sherrie: [after a long pause] You win.

That was how the 80’s people treat the 90’s music. No matter how hard they trash it, to wit, they can never forfend the inevitable.

In the olden days, trends last in a century, which eventually scrunched in a decade. Now, they only stay in the limelight for a few months––three or four, if they are fortunate enough.

Music also has a fast drift nowadays. Carpenters to The Beatles to Bon Jovi to Michael Jackson to Backstreet Boys to Madonna to Justin Bieber and the list goes on and on. Same goes, more evidently, to fashion.

Point is, trends change. What doesn’t?

Well, Steve wins.


What do you think?

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