Excuses = Losers

Never blame the external forces.

If you do, you become a loser––a sour one. It’s hard truth right there. Let’s face it.

I once saw this shirt while I was just strolling around my hometown.

It’s not the exact design though, but it surely looks a lot like that.

Whenever you blame the external forces that caused your detrimental blow, it only means one thing: You are irresponsible. Again, it’s hard truth. But if we won’t face it, how will we be able to move on?

If you start with the internal rather than the external, you will feel responsible with what is going on. You will instead choose action over apathy. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you will relentlessly fixate yourself on whatever problem that may come across your path. It simply prescribes to just…

It’s not easy. But it has never been impossible.


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