Comfort and Default Food

MANILA––Flight delayed.

While in the plane, I can’t fail to notice the flood aftermath near the coastlines. The rivers within the metropolis were tinted brown. Albeit delay, all was well with the flight. Smooth and sound.

ETA: 12:00. Time of arrival: 13:00, Taft Avenue

Weather’s fine. It’s hot. Thank God. Since the flight was deferred, I was hungry. Without any dilemma in choosing where to eat, together with my officemate, we headed our way to the company condo.

Every time I come here in Manila, whether for a personal jaunt or for a corporate excursion, I make it to a point to just gobble down a finger-licking meal at…

I don’t know, but it’s more than just my default food whenever I come here. It somehow became my comfort food, and yeah, my default food at the same time. I personally know how unhealthy it is but I never consider it as a guilty pleasure.

BonChon Davao already opened, I guess, last month at SM Davao Annex. Contrary to popular belief that when a consumer establishment becomes nearer, then it follows that its value fluctuates; well, this doesn’t. It remains…


This proves that proximity never matters when quality meets reality.



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