Skechers: GoRun, Running Essentials

Walk. Stand. Run. We walk because we want to take it easy. We stand because we just need to focus on the matter on hand. We run because we want to pursue something. And when we pursue something, there’s no stopping us.

Running involves pure effort and muscular contraction. Running itself is strenuous. What more if you’re not running the right way?

24 August 2012––Skechers Manila organized the Running Essentials in Abreeza with Michelle Estuar to simply teach Davao City how to run the right way. They saw that the city has a strong running community; thus, grabbing the opportunity to extend their advocacy for fitness from Manila and Cebu to Davao. Few of the participating teams who kept the event going were the Team Davao Runners and Team Titans.

Michelle shared the secret to run. As a running coach and pundit, she imparted to the people her techniques on how to go faster, go stronger and go longer. Basically, the goal is to improve the basic foot technique and be safer. She also mentioned some common mistakes that runners make which eventually translate into injuries and inevitable muscular pains.

Michelle concluded that the best and proper way to run is with the mid-foot strike. The event, which ran from 6-8pm ended with practical drills to develop mid-foot strike and proper running technique: marching (with high knee), toe taps, hacky sack, feet clapping. Other drills were for the hips, calves, buttocks, and quads.

Skechers introduced their new line of product: the GO series. One of which is the GOrun running pair of shoes.

skechers GOrun is designed to give you a more natural running experience and to allow you to interact with and respond to practically any surface, while at the same time offering the additional benefit of Resalyte™ cushioning. skechers GOrun features M-Strike™ technology which fosters a
mid-foot strike and GOimpulse sensors for enhanced sensory feedback.

  • Promotes a mid-foot strike.
  • Impulse sensors isolate points of contact to deliver sensory feedback.
  • Radically lightweight with just enough Resalyte™ cushioning to protect on practically any surface.
  • Brings you closer to a barefoot experience AND provides impact protection.
  • High-abrasion rubber at strike points for extra stability and traction control.

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