DQ: The Queen of Dairies

I got a considerable set of sweet teeth and inasmuch as I delight myself in glucose-based edibles, I don’t have diabetes or related disorders. Fortunately. Well, I often get tonsillitis but it never held back my appetite in gobbling down these scrumptious drops of goodness––all made from heaven.

One of the few things I never miss out to experience whenever I go to Manila is just to grab a lip-smacking 16oz cup of a DQ Blizzard.

A couple of weeks back, I was in Manila with my officemate for a publication and yearbook seminar for client in Antipolo, Rizal. After knocking ourselves out with our long day’s elbow grease, we had the opportunity to take a pitstop at SM Mall of Asia in the evening.

After dinner, we immediately headed our way to a DQ stall located at the ground floor right in the middle of a corner intersection. I ordered a Butterfinger blizzard and if I was timed as soon as I received the cup, it would be about five to eight minutes that I was able to munch it up into this..

We can never blame the queen of dairies.


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