Mulat Pinoy: Social NetWorth Regional Youth Forums

If there’s something wrong, we change it. If there’s nothing wrong with it, we change our attitude towards it. If there’s nothing wrong with both, we embrace it and move on. Apathy is not an option.

Mulat Pinoy is a social media initiative for the youth that focuses on population and development issues in the Philippines. Young Filipinos should be made aware that the choices they make now on marriage, births, use of resources, food, etc., have an impact on the development of society.

29 Aug 2012–As part of Mulat Pinoy’s thrive for youth empowerment, Davao City was chosen to be the catalyst of change in Mindanao with regards to the prevalent issues on population development (popdev), reproductive health, and social development. Hosted by University of Mindanao, various organizations flocked in to actively participate in an afternoon talk entitled, Mulat Pinoy: Social NetWorth Regional Youth Forums.

Among the key speakers who graced the event were James Lumanog (WWF-Philippines), Rolando G. Borja (Family Planning Organization of the Philippines or FPOP), Maduh Damsani (PopCom), Ana Santos (Sex and Sensibilities), and Stella Estremera (Sun.Star Davao). Topics ranged from population development, sexual and reproductive health and rights and social media responsibility.

Before the “talk” officially commenced, Mulat Pinoy presented a short video production by Kabataan News Network (KNN).

KNN was a project of the Probe Media Foundation, funded by UNICEF. Young journalists from all over the Philippines were trained to write, produce, direct and edit their own video reports, which were aired in a TV show called Kabataan X-Press. “PopDev for YOUth” is a documentary by KNN reporters, and it talks about different popdev issues that the youth are concerned about.

After which, the “Talk Show: The PopDev Scandal” began. This segment featured representatives from organizations and projects that deal with different popdev advocacies. In addition to talking about the causes they promote, the speakers talked about how they use social media to promote ideas and actions.

Kabataan tayo. Dapat tayo makialam sa mga nangyayari sa kumunidad. (We are the youth. We should participate on what’s happening in the community) Rolando G. Borja

“‘Puro na lang sex!’: Talking about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)” followed the talk show. Ana Santos, with much energy and excitement, engaged the audience about the SRHR. Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are about more than just condoms and teens pregnancy. SRHR also involves knowing how your body works and how to take care of it, as well as knowing your rights as a human being.

Sexuality is part of your self-identity, self-esteem, and dignity.
Having a dream is the best form of contraception. Ana Santos

Stella Estremera of Sun.Star Davao continued with the topic, “Social NetWorth: Responsibilities social media use”. One of PMFI’s prime objectives is promoting the use of media for positive social change. A major part of Mulat Pinoy’s activities has been promoting the use of social media for advocacy. This segment taught how to put their social networks for a good cause. This was a condensed version of the Social NetWorth workshop held in Metro Manila in February 2012.

Mulat Pinoy concluded the event with the challenge for the audience to take part and participate in the good cause to change mindsets and empower the young generation. Youth all over the Philippines are encouraged to be part of the Mulat Pinoy project through its contests, workshops, forums and other activities. Regina Layug Rosero, project coordinator, announced the current Mulat Pinoy activities that participants can join.

Press Release: Mulat Pinoy asks Davao youth: What is your social NetWorth?


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