TV Series: White Collar

I’m about to end the second season. The story’s riveting to its core. What I like most about this movie is more than the suits and ties that they carry. It’s not like “Suits” to begin with. I like how the story progresses from one episode to another. The characters are effective. They delivered their conned persona in a compelling manner. Pun intended.

Being a con artist is all about


Similar to forging a signature, you should be as confident as the one signing the document.

I’m watching this series not because I want to be a con artist, but because I want to learn how a con artist work. How he does his tricks, and how he tricks what he does.

By the way, my favorite character is Mozzie. Willie Garson. He’s just one-of-a-kind. I was even caught in a rapture when he was shot 2 inches away from his heart, which ended him up in a coma. I was like, “Noooo.” If he’s gone, I might probably stop watching the series. (Remember when “L” died in Death Note? I really never bothered watching the subsequent episodes.)

How about you? What do you think about White Collar?

Or do you even watch it? Watch it now.


2 thoughts on “TV Series: White Collar

    1. Well, Suits has its own way of pulling its market. It’s sleek and powerful. White Collar also has its own share of style. Both are respectable TV series. Don’t let me choose. 🙂

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