What is your favorite fish?

When asked what my favorite fish is, I’d be lying if I’ll say flying fish. Well, it used to be, not until this came into the picture:


I prefer the milk. Now, I’m drooling–not literally or maybe.

DELFI Foods, Inc.

Delfi Foods, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of premium-quality chocolates like “Goya” and “Knick Knacks” under license from Delfi Chocolates Manufacturing S.A in Switzwerland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Petra Foods Ltd. Petra Foods is a leading regional player in branded consumer confectionery products and one of the world’s major manufacturers and suppliers of cocoa ingredients.

ImageI was googling or searching for Delfi’s website but to no avail, I landed on a technology company: Delfi.com. I don’t know if they even have one. I just wanted to know how they produced a mouth-watering goodness made from heaven. Having been labeled with an ISO 22000 (which guarantees overall quality in an international standard), Delfi truly set the standard of what it is to serve quality chocolates.

I’m surely buying a pack for later. Nomnom.


Note: I love flying fish second, which makes it the number one REAL fish. Haha


What do you think?

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