BWB2012: Think Before You Click

First thing’s first.

Do you think before you click?

Well, this question appears like a splinter gun that can be answered in several different perspectives.

When you are looking for something…

You google it. You just don’t ask anyone about your query. It may spell pride but that’s how things work especially in this digital age. We’re no longer bounded with the knowledge we get from our teachers in the academe or dusty books well-kept in libraries. We google it.

However, we sometimes tend to get irrelevant surprises as we get the hang of browsing through the web (such as advertising pop-ups, sensual banners, are-you-dumb tests, etc.). Apart from being counterproductive, we become engrossed with these peripherals. We lose focus. Worst, our gadget might become a fortress of solitude of unknown viruses. Ergo,

When you are blogging…

You will publish it. Most of the time, we get succumbed to the idea of mediocrity. We want to publish a blog because we just want our sites to be filled up. Keyword: JUST.

Imagine if it was in real life. You might be writing on drafts and subsequently scrunching them up because you get frustrated in coming up with your masterpiece. After a long period of just scribbling trash, you decided to use them instead because you realized that they’re okay. Just okay.

You may blame the writer’s block but we all know that it’s an undying excuse of any writer––or a run-of-the-mill writer for that matter. Needless to say, excuses are for losers.

If you feel like you cannot materialize, then socialize.

If you are still unsure of clicking that “Publish” button and you think that you cannot think well (pun intended), then look for an inspiration. Look for that driving force that would fuel you up with what’s necessary. Until you reach to the point that you’re content, then your content is ready to go.

When you are writing something controversial…

Think even harder before clicking it. It might bring you into a tight spot and who wants that to happen? Blogging is indirectly under the jurisdiction of the journalistic code of ethics. This goes to show that we should be responsible enough with our actions. Nothing beats self-governance.

With the Cybercrime Prevention bill enacted in the Philippines (Republic Act No. 10175), bloggers will now be more careful with what they post, more specifically with their content.


22 Sept 2012 –– Davao Bloggers, in partnership with the U.S Embassy Manila, organized

a 3-day live-in conference (Malagos Garden Resort, Davao) with intensive hands-on workshop (Blogathon) that delves into the facets of blogging, creative writing, video blogging, photo blogging and Social Media. It is an excellent opportunity for bloggers of all skill levels to learn the best blogging and Social Media practices while utilizing the available tools for creating an effective online presence. The bootcamp also aims to educate the participants on how to leverage the power of Social Media for positive social change and responsible online engagement.

In partial fulfillment of the blog bootcamp, the organizers grouped participants to stir up the value of responsibility as an active part of the blogosphere.

Below is a short video clip made by the “Thinkers and Clickers” group (later became Team Oishi) which tackled the social relevance of the article above.

LiveDavao (edit) | TheLayoutShop (video) | GyEmannuel | Just-Chocolates | PerkyGreenie33 | CreativityDistrict | PastTheSenses | Angel-Keepsakes | WanderfulDavao | Eugenio1018 | LouiePac | OC-Craft | LCB17

Remember to think it before you ink it. Think before you click.


What do you think?

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