Movie Review: Fireproof

Have you ever felt like giving up because you know that nothing you do can ever change what is going to happen?

The movie “Fireproof” talks just about that. Caleb, a firefighter, and his wife Katherine, a medical representative, are having problems with their marriage. They blame each other for not supplying the each other’s needs, from as shallow as food to as deep as respect and appreciation. Caleb then receives advice in the form of a “love dare” from his father. After 40 days of strictly following each dare in the journal and after the couple’s realizations about their marriage, Caleb and Katherine embrace each other’s persons again.

“Fireproof” encompasses a lot of values essential in life. First of all is Christ-centeredness. God is always present in any situation in life. Even in marriage, without God, there wouldn’t be a motivation and a commitment to love each other. Second is fidelity. Marriage vows aren’t just words; they are a promise and a commitment you should never break. When Caleb was at the brink of letting go and giving up, his father and his firefighter friend reminded him of his marriage vows. Even if a person continuously hurts you, you must not give up on him/her because you don’t know what the result will be.

There is always hope if you believe.

“Fireproof” is definitely a recommended movie for anyone from any age range. The movie contains a lot of values and presents situations relatable to ordinary people, especially to families. The movie definitely gives new insights and sheds a light on society’s current problems and the values that will hopefully solve them.

Feature: Movie Review - Fireproof
Writer: Maisie Joven
School: Assumption Antipolo - High School, Rizal, Philippines

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