Palawan [Sea]food-trip: KaLui

As how it tags itself, “better by reservations”. This is one of the most crucial yet essential things to do when going to KaLui (pronounced as “Kalúwee”). This is primarily for the reason that the place cannot cater a lot of people in a span.

It was drizzling when we arrived at KaLui’s eerie facade. If you look at it from a far, it appears to be an ordinary, exclusive bar. But once you enter in its interior, you would say that “first impressions don’t last.”

Together with my office mate, we were about to get inside in order to comfortably plump ourselves when suddenly, the food attendant barricaded us at the front door and told us that the tables are full. It crushed my appetite as if I was in a hunger strike. (Bazinga for the last part!)

I didn’t believe him the first time but when I rested my eyes on a framed note, I was completely convinced and almost lost hope.

The food attendant told us that if we could wait until 9:30PM, we could probably have a table. Keyword, probably. It was 6:50PM, by the way. So we tried to wait for a while. About 3-5 minutes later, he tried to call his fellow FA inside the resto via earphone intercom (like agents), if there will be any chance for us to have our dinner. Fortunately, there was an available table for us!Well, what do you know?!

The interesting thing about this restaurant is that they impose a barefoot experience policy inside the area. In other words, you cannot go inside with your shoes or slippers. Instead, you leave them inside the small lockers or mini-baskets.

After which, we headed our way to the vacant table at the halfway point of the restaurant. It was also the drizzle that added to the ambient feel of the place. Yellow dimmed lights, native architectural design, classic portraits and artworks, acoustic instrumental music, and good service. All of these welcomed us as we sat with pure comfort.

Our order:

  • KaLui Special of the Day Set – Fish Steak, Prawns, Veggies of the Day, Fish Roll in Coco Cream, Rice and Starters (set à la family, pwede for two). (P395 or $9-10)
  • Palawan Seafood Sisig (P195 or $4-5)
  • Coco Banana (2) – Fruit Shake. (P65 or $1.5-2)
  • Extra Rice (2)

Sneak Peak (Note: Low-res pictures)


After a quick stroll of the vicinity, I was heading my way back to the table and from afar,  I saw that my workmate was already sipping a tiny bowl of soup. I quickly perched onto my chair and took some sips while waiting for the main course.

In a few minutes, dinner was served!



When all is [eaten] and done, one thing I can say is this:

It’s all because of the sauce!!!

The coco cream was undeniably very palatable as it slides down through my throat with sugar and spice. It was like an epitome of the curry sauce. I would want to go back for it again soon. The sauce of the Veggies of the Day was also interesting.

A few moments later, when we were about to get our bill out… the FA served us a coconut bowl of fresh cold fruits. That was actually a complimentary dessert for their customers. Bits and cuts of watermelon, pineapple, green mango, banana and papaya. And of course, coconut meat of its insides. Let’s call it, the finishing touch!

There were a lot of tourists and foreigners who dined like the Americans, Brits, French, Asians and many others.

If you are a seafood enthusiast or a vegetarian, well, this will not just be your haven. It will be your heaven. The food, place, and service are impressive. What they may probably lack is free service of a glass of water, because it’s self-service.

About the cost? Well, the price is right. No need for tips because the service charge has it covered.


What do you think?

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