Wolverine in Japan

Today was a productive day. In fact, it’s a happy day.

After work, I was able to spend quality time with an awesome couple’s kids. Le garçon at around ten, while la fille at around five or six.

We watched Wolverine. My second time.


Admittedly, I wasn’t really impressed by the movie. Especially on my first watch. Subjectively speaking, I’m not well-versed on the Marvel Multiverse. But who doesn’t know Wolverine, right?

I’m referring to his two major antagonists: (1) Viper and the (2) Silver Samurai.

With this, I present my two major points:

1. Viper doesn’t have any mutant skills or superpowers. She’s even known to be the ex-wife of THE Wolverine.

We can identify her as a ‘Black Widow’ of the X-Men, although she’s not entirely aligned with ‘good’.

2. Silver Samurai is like the concept of Batman. He’s not just Bruce Wayne. He can also be Dick Grayson or even Hush. The SS portrayed in the movie is an adamantium rōnin (a samurai without a master).

The Silver Samurai that we see on mainstream media (e.g. video games) is Keniuchio Harada. He is the illegitimate son of Shingen Yashida (father of Logan’s love interest, Mariko).

I hope this clears things up. Even I personally fall into prey on my premature judgements on characters that I really don’t know about.

So a quick research would definitely help a lot.

So here’s my rating: (10/10)
As a comic book guy, 6.
As a regular movie enthusiast, 5.
As a cynical DC fan, 3 5.

It’s still a movie worth-watching. Especially the after credit transition to “The Days of Future Past”.

Bring it on, Sentinels!



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