Let it flow

Temizuya Temple Water by Dust Gaudan

There’s this ritual wherein you will need to purify your hands and mouth at the “temizuya” water pavilion when entering a Japanese temple. The “temizuya” water pavilion consisting of a water basin and ladles is not a place to drink water. It is there to perform “misogi,” a ritual to purify the body and mind with water before proceeding to stand in front of the deity. Originally this ritual was performed in the nude at special misogi locations like the ocean or a river, but today the ritual has been simplified to rinsing your hands and mouth at the temizuya. The idea is that by washing yourself, you’re washing away impurities in your heart as well as from your physical self. (Source)

(Note: Inasmuch as I respect the Japanese culture, I didn’t do this ritual as it is contrary to my personal beliefs.)

Have you seen this in Japanese temples?


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