No day but Tōdai-ji

Todai-ji Temple by Dust Gaudan

Tōdai-ji (東大寺, Tōdaiji, “Great Eastern Temple”) is one of Japan’s most famous and historically significant temples and a landmark of Nara. The temple was constructed in 752 as the head temple of all provincial Buddhist temples of Japan and grew so powerful that the capital was moved from Nara to Nagaoka in 784 in order to lower the temple’s influence on government affairs. (Source)

This is one of my personal favorites, mainly because the weather was cooperating with us. As you step into the fortress, you won’t notice your jaw slowly dropping. TBH, the exterior is way better than what’s inside. Thus, the obligatory shot. You won’t take a photo of it tomorrow, or yesterday. You do it Tōdai-ji.

What did you feel when you first saw this?

Admission Fee: ¥800
Opening Hours: 9am-5pm
Address: 406-1 Zoshicho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8211, Japan


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