Trek for the FIT

Fushimi Inari-taisha by Dust Gaudan

Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社?), or FIT (as I #dustpun-ned it), is the head shrine of Inari, located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan. The shrine sits at the base of a mountain also named Inari which is 233 metres above sea level, and includes trails up the mountain to many smaller shrines which span 4 kilometers and takes approximately 2 hours to walk up. (Source)

Yes. 2 hours is not an exaggeration. I tried trekking the 2-hour walk with a friend, but we ended up putting a halt to what we were doing when we encountered a couple of people who came from the peak.

Bumping into a Chinese couple.
Me: Is it good (pointing to the top)?
Them: (Paused.) It’s okay.
Me: Is it worth it?
Them: (Chuckled.) A little bit.
I appreciate their honesty.

If you plan to head to the top, that’s your decision and I respect that. But know that it’s not worth it (as most of the people we came across with along the way told us). You can rest at an area where you can already enjoy the Kyoto’s skyline.

The best part of the trek is that it’s breezy and cold as you head up the stairway. So is it worth the visit? For sure. I mean, look at the photo above. It’s definitely stunning and extraordinary, although the overall experience was tiring. Good thing we were able to interpret the writings on those pillars as we head back saying, “You can do it, [insert name here]. You can do it.”

Are you fit to trek for the FIT? Regardless, don’t entertain defeat. 😉

Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: 24 hrs.
Address: 68 Yabunouchi-cho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku


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