The Lonely Hearts Bridge

Ebisubashi Bridge by Dust Gaudan

Ebisubashi is the iconic bridge that connects both sides of the canal (Shinsaibashi-suji and Ebisubashi-suji). Its nickname is Hikkakebashi, or the “Pick Up Bridge.” Originally named for all the lonely singles who have tried to find dates on the bridge. (Source)

 Your Osaka trip won’t be complete without a mandatory shot of this scenic, iconic view at night. And yes, I’m also talking about the Glico LED billboard that shows the Olympic runner situated at the right side of the photo.

Before taking this shot, I was at Don Quijote getting hold of different variants of KitKat, matcha green tea and tiramisu chocolate candies for pasalubong. Needless to say, everything you will need on your way back home will be found in Don Quijote. No pressure though because most of their stores are open for 24 hours. Also, if you might be wondering, their mascot is a penguin and not a platypus. (This was a long-drawn-out debate among my friends.)

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