It’s strawberry yummy

Dried Strawberries by Dust Gaudan

As we were frolicking from the train station going to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, we saw this interesting stall just situated along the sidewalk that sold a variety of dried fruits. There were dried cherries, apricot, dates, mangoes, berries, and a lot more. My personal favorite was this sugary treat. Really tasty, and cheap.

Not to mention, we were really hangry (hungry + angry) because it was already lunchtime and the restaurants around the area weren’t open yet. They apparently operate from 4pm onwards. So I guess that’s already a tip for you especially if you go there empty handed, without snacks for pantawid gutom (Subsistence hunger, as how Google translates it. Haha!).

Did you get the chance to see this stall somewhere?


What do you think?

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