Osa ka Castle

Osaka Castle by Dust Gaudan

It was a Saturday when we visited this iconic piece of creation in Osaka. Apparently, there are usually shows put on during the weekends so we were able to witness groups of dancers in colorful Japanese costumes. It felt so weird but when I was just watching their performances, together with the upbeat, dynamic music and the dancers’ exuberant stage presence, I can’t help but express my utmost admiration––manifested not in physical tears, but emotional tears from my heart. I felt it. They really know how to move people’s hearts.

After enjoying the show, we headed to the Golden Wasen, Osaka Castle Gozabune, that toured us around the castle’s moat. Fortunately, we met with a Filipino friend who speaks and understands Japanese, so he was willing and able to share with us the highlights of what the local tour guide was saying.

Share with me your Osaka Castle experience!

Admission Fee: ¥1500 (Gozabune)
Opening Hours: 10am-4pm
Address: Osaka Castle, Osaka Prefecture, Chuo Ward

By the way, “usa” means one in Bisaya. Hence, “Osa ka Castle” means, “One Castle.” Boom! #dustpun


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