The perks of being

Wallflower by Dust Gaudan

This post is in connection with the Bacon Feast where I got to spend the holiday with a jam-packed itinerary, together with awesome friends from church.

While waiting for the ladies to get their hairs done, we ate a sumptuous bowl of salad at a pizza place. Yes, you read that right. I might be posting the food shot on my Instagram soon, depending on my mood or the clutter of my feed.

So, the copy. Well, I never really considered myself as a wallflower especially when I was in my high school days. I was kind of a hyperactive extra-curricular guy who feeds his self-esteem on activities over activities––student council, varsity team, academic clubs, inter-high competitions, among others. TBH, I had an ego problem and I was not proud of that. You know, a young high school student who makes up for a lot of things, trying to prove his worth in the field. Fortunately, I found Jesus. Or better yet, He found me. End of story. 🙂

PS. We usually kid one of our friends who, whenever she encounters flowers, takes a shot of it along with her feet. I think you get what I’m saying. So, that’s probably also the reason why I thought of taking a snap of this.

Did you consider yourself a wallflower when you were young?


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