Appreciate Life

We need to avoid being stagnant. Being static without having any flow of productivity. This reminds me about the logical comparison between a furniture and a fixture, which a friend told me about.

When you are a furniture, you are versatile. By that, it means that you can be flexible from a certain situation to another unescorted by any form of difficulty. There may be some, but the point is, you can be moved. It may be being adaptable by not easily crying over spilled milk when faced with adversities.

On the other hand, a fixture (e.g. electric wiring, plumbing pipes, and as simple as the faucet) cannot be moved in a snap. When gone, it makes a whole lot of difference. Simply because you will immediately notice it’s misplacement. It’s even strenuous, to begin with.

Moreover, if you move a chair from one place to the other, you will more likely appreciate it’s fresh-to-the-eye arrangement. If you move a faucet out from its proper position, you will even complain or confuse yourself why it was transferred in the first place.

In a fixture, there’s familiarity; while in a furniture, there’s versatility.

In life, we should be like a furniture–figuratively. We move on from one season to another to further establish our personal maturity which ultimately contributes to our growth as a person. Again. Avoid being stagnant.

How do we do this?

Read the title. Start from there.


10 thoughts on “Appreciate Life

  1. Thanks for sharing this…indeed sometimes we may be a fixture at some point in our life..but somehow we need to be like a furniture to survive the everyday struggle we are experiencing in life 😀

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